Meticulous navigation of the day-to-day.

As your business begins, or continues, to operate in and around Libya, it will face varying local logistical and operational needs, including everything from local licenses to consents and government permits. Our team can provide comprehensive and dedicated support to help you manage the practical and legal aspects of these needs.

Alongside working on local permits, consents and paperwork required for your matter, we can also work to set up the necessary legal structure, including in the establishment, licensing and winding up of corporate vehicles.

We formulate a meticulous action plan on these practical aspects, and take a diligent and efficient approach to ensuring every aspect is dealt with commercially and without delay.


Our experience

An international energy contractor in relation to the liquidation of its Libyan branch and resolution of labour relationships, tax liabilities and local assets.

An international power company in relation to the development of standard form employment contracts and internal workforce regulations and interfacing with labour authorities to manage compliance and permitting issues.

An international investment company in relation to convening and managing board, general and extraordinary shareholder meetings, in compliance with local corporate rules and procedures.

An international technology contractor in the energy industry in relation to the incorporation of a Libyan branch and securing all licences to operate in the market.