Recent meetings between the Renewable Energy Authority of Libya (REAoL) and German and British officials bode well for the country’s renewables sector.

The chair of the REAoL met with the German ambassador and his delegation in Tripoli. The meeting covered a number of issues, with the German ambassador, Michael Ohnmacht, stressing the importance of continuing cooperation between the two countries.

Topics covered included cooperation between REAoL and German institutions working in the same field, such as the German Foundation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The intention is to provide technical support to REAoL through training courses and workshops, enabling Libya to build its expertise in renewable energy and so support the implantation of the National Strategy for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

The REAoL has also this month been in talks with the British Embassy in Tripoli, which covered cooperation between the two countries in renewables and the possibility of inviting British companies involved in renewables to invest in Libya and participate in the implementation of the country’s renewables strategy.

The meeting also looked at ways that Libya might benefit from the extensive experience of British companies in the renewable energy field, and the implementation of wind and solar projects.

The possibility of a cooperation agreement being signed was also considered, with British officials making clear the country’s desire to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Libya has significant potential to shift towards renewable energy. 88% of its terrain consists of desert, presenting opportunities for both wind and solar energy growth.

Under its Strategic Plan for Renewable Energy 2013 – 2025, the Libyan government has aimed for a 10% contribution from renewables to its energy mix by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

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