US and British officials have been warning of a growing cyber threat from China as well as Russia and Iran.

The German political system has already been the victim of a cyber-attack targeted at the Social Democratic Party, which it blames on Russian military intelligence.

Reports from Google indicate a fourfold increase in Russian cyber-attacks within NATO countries between 2021 and 2023.

And with growing European investment in Libya, it seems that the economy is not immune from such attacks.

Italian multinational Eni confirmed earlier this month that the Libyan company Mellitah Oil and Gas, owned by Eni, was the victim of a hacker attack.

A group called RansomHub, believed by experts to have links to Russia, has previously claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on Mellitah Oil and Gas/Eni demanding $50 million to prevent one terabyte of data being published.

An official source from Mellitah noted that a Trojan virus was discovered on some internal network devices, which was promptly isolated, and that operations and
production were unaffected.

This latest incident has highlighted the need for vigilance.

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