Relations between Libya and Germany were strengthened through a number of key developments in the spring.

In mid-March, the chairman of the Renewable Energy Authority, Abdul Salam Al-Ansari, met with the deputy ambassador of Germany to Libya, Sven Crosby, in Tripoli to discuss the opening of joint cooperation in renewable energy and efficiency. The meeting discussed tapping into German expertise in the area, in particular in solar and wind energy, as well as encouraging specialist German companies to become involved in Libyan projects.

One German company to already be investing in Libya’s infrastructure is Siemens, which in April shipped new spare parts for the double cycle of the North Benghazi power plant. The shipments are part of a framework of improving electric grids and increasing the efficiency of production plants.

These latest developments come ahead of a Libyan-German economic forum taking place in Tripoli in May, announced at a meeting between the Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohammed Al-Hweij, and German ambassador to Libya, Michael Ohnmacht. The meeting discussed both economic and trade cooperation as well as further ways to enhance relations between the private sectors of both countries.

“The strengthening of relations between Germany and Libya bode well for Libya’s renewables sector in particular, given Germany’s advanced expertise in the sector,” noted Tarek Eltumi, founding partner at Eltumi Partners.

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