It has been confirmed that a major Italian airline will be launching a regular flight plan from Italy to Tripoli at the end of November, with service expected to carry on through the winter.

The move is a major step forward to re-opening and stabilising aviation connections between Libya and the EU in light of the nearly decade-long ban on Libyan aircraft in EU airspace.

A few weeks prior, regular commercial flights had officially resumed between Libya and Italy – following the successful completion of test flights earlier in the summer – and signalled a growing willingness from the EU to move towards eventual lifting of the ban completely. Currently, Libya is working on a broader strategic plan that will support its advocacy for the complete lifting of the EU ban, and the resumption of flights between Libya and Italy has been a major feature of this.

This latest step by a major Italian carrier to chart regular flights over the winter period, and most likely beyond, makes the two countries’ intentions to normalise aviation transport between them more tangible. The EU will most likely be watching progress on this matter to inform any future decisions it makes on its current ban.

As Libya seeks to re-establish key international aviation connections, opportunities in this sector will continue to arise. Indeed, currently work on the repair and re-opening of Tripoli International Airport is well underway, with recent estimates suggesting it may re-open by the middle of next year.

Further developments in aviation and airport infrastructure will be needed for the Libyan aviation sector to meet the country’s international ambitions, with project work for contractors, engineers and companies certain to arise.

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