Following the massive destruction caused by flooding in the wake of Storm Daniel in September, the Libyan and international community came together to develop roadmaps for recovery.

The Derna International Reconstruction conference was held at the beginning of this month in Derna and Benghazi. In attendance at the conference were, among others, international and Libyan infrastructure and housing companies amongst which over 26 countries were represented. These included companies from China, Turkey, France, Egypt, the US, UK and UAE.

The conference focused on the exchange of delegates’ experiences of reconstruction work and aimed to establish ongoing partnerships for reconstruction in eastern Libya, as well as capacity-building for future disasters.

With Derna being one of the most populated and worst hit areas by the floods, much of the attention is focused on the city’s reconstruction. The conference sought to encourage the development of plans that would provide strategic and sustainable recovery and growth, particularly with Derna in mind.

While the predominant focus is on helping the region recover from the recent devastation of the floods, there is also an underlying motivation to prepare Derna, and Libya as a whole, for the opportunities and challenges of the future. Opportunities for infrastructure companies and contractors in this area have arisen already and will continue to do so.

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