Brega Oil Marketing Company (Brega), a subsidiary of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), has announced that it is to develop a solar powered petrol station in the south-east of Libya’s capital, Tripoli.

As a subsidiary of the NOC, Brega is involved in, among others, the importation and distribution of fuels.
It is understood that the move comes within Brega’s broader plans to expand its petrol station locations across Libya. The plan has been designed to meet greater demand in the consumer market as well as to combat fuel shortages and smuggling.

Importantly, the project is another signal from Libyan authorities that they are looking to improve consumer access to domestic energy supplies and are increasingly looking to renewable energy sources to help them do so. The solar-powered petrol station will prevent service stoppages during load shedding or blackouts as, currently, petrol stations which are reliant on mains hydrocarbon-powered electricity to run are unable to serve customers during energy blackouts.

As the state looks to develop the use of renewables in its domestic energy systems, opportunities for companies in both the energy and infrastructure sectors will arise.

Construction of new energy plants or improvements in pre-existing ones to incorporate renewable energies will all be necessary to enable Libya to shore up its domestic energy demands.

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