As Libyans have mobilised and are demanding change in the country, following the devastating floods, local authorities are now looking to review the safety of other waterways and dams in the country.

The local authority in Benghazi has announced that it is reviewing the safety and maintenance of the Al-Gattara Dam (located 33km east from the city of Benghazi). It is understood that the dam – and its related infrastructure – is receiving proper cleaning and maintenance, and extra steps have been taken in the last few weeks to make the water levels more manageable.

In Sirte and Tripoli, the local authorities have activated projects on dams and drainage channels to help push forward action on the maintenance of each regions’ dams and waterways. Meetings for the project have thus far identified the maintenance needs of the region’s dams and potential obstacles that must be overcome to ensure these maintenance measures are implemented.

As is now widely known, the dams in Derna failed largely due to a significant lack of maintenance.

This has triggered a movement within Libya to call for long overdue change in both the governance of the country and the management of critical infrastructures.

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