Libya has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Spanish NGO Remar on the establishment of a village hospital in eastern Libya, to service areas affected by the recent floods from Storm Daniel.

Remar is an organisation specialising in relief and development work.
Under the MoU, Remar will work with the Libyan authorities to establish and run the village hospital. It also provides for a longer-term commitment by the NGO, who will also be providing equipment for the hospital as well as training and support to medical professionals at the hospital.

It is understood that Libya’s actions to advance this project form part of its broader strategy to develop more flood recovery plans with the country’s international development partners. Not two months have passed since the deadly floods occurred, and the east of the country is only in its very first steps towards recovery.

Many questions have been raised in the aftermath of the catastrophe, on the negligent maintenance of Derna’s dams and Libya’s flood preparedness in general. As eastern Libya begins the long road to recovery and repair, international engagement will remain crucial – beyond short term aid, parts of the region will require long term investment in infrastructure and more to get it back on its feet.

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